Friday, August 31, 2012

Uploaded videos (playlist)TM DESIGNS (TANYA-MARIE DESIGNS"

Tanya Marie is a rising design star based in Miami, she has a celebrity clientele, and a cool design aesthetic that is causing a buzz in the fashion world...
Tanya Marie designs are a truly unique work of art. With a fiercely loyal clientele her designer boutique in Miami's trendy Design District, features one of a kind dresses that range from beachwear to black tie gala. She carries a full ready wear selection also including menswear, denim and accessories. Tanya-Marie’s designs feature rich fabrics from around the globe, and are embellished with custom jewels. Tanya had years of experience as a gifted prodigy in design and as a celebrity stylist.

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Courtesy of FASHION ONE TV | Cameus Chicoye