Saturday, September 15, 2012

Art Dimension in Painting by Linda NAILI

-PARIS-MONACO-IBIZA- Artist & Fashion designer Linda Naila translates her strength and creativity into an emormous paasion for her fashion and painting

 Her inspiration is based on abstract art painting and her passion for the universe of astronomy and aero physics. Linda Naili is fascinated by the stars and the energy that are result of a fusion of materials in the universe that are in constant move.

Linda Naili gets her creative ideas in art by abstract contemplation of pastoral landscapes and her exotic holidays. She also paints on leather material using Swarovski crystal as well as golden and silver leaves. These last ones are especially used as the ornamental matter of her paintings. What started as an invitation to a spiritual trip, finally turned into an admiration for the stars.

But she is not the only star of the family concerning art and abstract painting as her older brother is a well-known sculptor. Apparently it runs in the family.

Its large collection of ready-to-wear for men and women, includes the line TESTEFY JEANS. Combining jeans with materials such as chiffon, organza, croc leather, suede and denim makes the collection look luxurious and stylish.

The original and refined collections TESTEFY JEWELRY Semi-precious and TESTEFY ACCESSORIES never go unnoticed. All the different pieces are little jewels on their own. Moreover, they all have their uniqueness.

Linda Naili started her activity in March 2003.
Now what makes her world go round? For her it is really simple: the evolution of
Universe. This former model became a stylist. She started off painting her first jeans, followed by the ones from her friends/customers.

"The planets, stars at the end of life and the colors that appear when a star dies fascinate me," she said.
"I read many books on quantum physics and materials found in the universe. The colors in my paintings evoke the mixture of these elements, the matching of helium, hydrogen and methane. These tracks of asteroids and shooting stars that disappear into the oceans, their adventures in the Milky Way excite and inspire
me. "

Infatuated by Astro physics, Linda Nailli stays down to earth. She doesn’t want to start dreaming as her first kick off, during springtime 2003,was a big success.

The jet set only brings out unique pieces or reproduces only a few copies of the pieces. She borrows jeans, jackets or shirts from famous brands and creates her own version. To make her version, she customizes, embeds or enhances the Swarovski, crystal comets "This is a wonderful crystal to work with. Especially for its quality and brilliance. It makes my most feminine pieces even more precious to me ».

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